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Old 03-10-2014, 08:23 PM   #1
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build my first car

hello all, I am new and I would like to try building a classic car for my first, (really second) car.

first a little background: I am 15 and just about to enter drivers ED, I would love to build/drive a classic. The arrangement I have with my parents is that I need to drive one of my parents modern cars for the first nine months of my licence then I can have whatever I can afford/want but in particular I (my parents) have some concerns about a classic namely the following:

1. gas costs, particularly of a carby 6.5 L engine because gas is like $3.65 up here and even though I have a decently steady income if I canít afford gas whatís the use?

2. safety, the classic GTO is built like a tank but no airbags, crumple zones, headrests, disc brakes or airbags make my mom especially nervous.

3. insurance, keep in mind I need to pay for all of this with my own money and a $500/month insurance policy will bankrupt me really fast but i have seen closer to $500/year policies so could somebody set me straight with that

4. winter, we are a 3 car family currently so I could take the truck in the winter but the salt obliterates everything up here.

these are my main detractors, there are remedyís for most things here but on the other side here are a few pros.

1. shop, I have a garage and a torpedo heater for inside work.

2. friends, being a teenager can have some pros I am fairly well versed in engineering (my dad is a chemical engineer) and so are my friends one in particular has built a 66í goat with his grandfather and the others are also aspiring in engineering.

3. tools, have most things already and there is an autozone about 10 miles from my house ( I live in the country) no nosey neighbors and my next door neighboor offroads and built his truck.

4. not really a pro more of a driving factor, is weird engineering juju. I build literally everything from an ar-15 to plastic models to computers I build literally everything and fix it too,
for example when a cheap pair of my headphones broke (think >$3) instead of tossing them I fixed them and kept using them

so what i'm really asking is your opinion on what to do.

and where to buy parts
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Old 11-22-2021, 03:57 PM   #2
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I assume you already completed the project some many years ago.

Cos I'm about to do just that, BUILD MY FIRST CAR. I would really appreciate some tips from you on how to go about it efficiently.
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