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Renting Cradle Alignment tool

I am offering for rent the rear cradle alignment tool that is needed to properly center the rear cradle in the GTO. This tool must be used to properly align the rear cradle. This should be done prior to having a shop perform a 4 wheel alignment and part of regular maintenance.

Renter is required to make a deposit of $200 and $135.00 will be refunded once the tool arrives back or to the next renter in same condition.

The renter will ship prepaid freight to the next renter. If someone else signs up the second renter will ship prepaid freight to the next renter and so on and so on.

I am going to charge $65 for rent plus you must pay to ship to the next person that is renting, or back to me as instructed. Renters are allowed to keep the equipment for up to 3 calendar days. If, on the 4th day, the kit has not been shipped by 12:00 EST, the renter must agree to pay an additional $30.00 for each day. Only exception to this, is if the 3rd day is a Sunday or Holiday, then the next business day will be allowed. I only accept payment via Paypal. Renter is only allowed to use on their own car (no group use unless they pay group rate).

If you are interested in renting, please post so. I will edit and update the original post to list status, etc.

Be sure that you understand, it could take 2 weeks or longer, from renter to renter. Only make payment and request to be on the list, if you are willing to wait your turn.



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