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Aftermarket Oil Pan. Anyone using one?

My LS1 is getting a little tired and due to no time and a good budget I am upgrading to to an LSA forged 416 shortblock with Lunati crank/rods and Mahle dished pistons for boost. Likely will be trading off my TVS1900 for a 2650 but want to get the true cost of the engine swap figured out before dropping the coin on the 2650. This build will be done right and I will be looking for 800+ rwhp on e85 that is dependable. I already have a driveline/fuel system capable of holding over 1k horsepower including clutch, driveshaft, half shafts, built diff with a wavetrac and 3.07 gears. The T56 will be addressed when it gives up but it will have a McCleod Twin Disk. This is plenty for a car that doesnt see the track or get launched from a dig over and over and over.

My plan is to have a complete, bolt in, long block with all covers and pans in place, prior to pulling the LS1, so I just need to pull my old motor swap accesory drive and drop in the new. Everything on the LSA will be new including anything that spins including alternator, starter, balance and every pulley. So essentially a brand new long block with all accesories with the exception of the A/C condenser since I hardly use it anyways.

Where I am getting stuck is on a GTO specific oil pan. I am not against using a factory oil pan but the cost of them new is rather ridiculous and I prefer to go new on this build. I would also prefer to keep my LS1 closed up once removed as it will be getting refreshed and dropped into my 79 Camaro at some point.

I am really looking for real world expeience with the Moroso, Weiand and Canton pans but understand Canton pans seem to have a history of leaking. If there are other proven to work options I am all ears. Also looking to understand what everyone is doing for windage trays in the aftermarket pans?

Pans I am considering are:
Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pan Fits 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO
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