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modding all the time
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Converting to 06 steering wheel / radio controls

One of the things I did to my 05 was to install the 2006 steering wheel / radio controls. I prefer the 2006 controls because they have lights in them.

Note.... this is a very simple swap to convert a 2005 to a 2006. I have been told that you can convert a 2004, but there is not enough wires in the 04 steering column harness and additional wires must be ran.

Unfortunately I do not have detailed photos as I did this mod a couple years ago. And the instructions below are my best recollection from memory.

Parts needed:

2006 radio controls (I bought mine used for $60.00)
2006 clock spring (I bought mine used for (30.00)

Tools needed:

Flat blade screw driver
Phillips screw driver
30mm socket
10mm socket

  1. Using the 10mm socket, disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery. (some people feel it is not necessary to disconnect the battery and only remove the fuse for the airbags)
  2. Press and hold the brake pedal for 30 seconds to drain any electrical current from the cars system.
  3. Remove the fuse for the airbags from the fuse box located behind the knee pad.
  4. Insert the key in the ignition switch and turn to the "run" position allowing you to turn the steering wheel.

  5. Turn the steering wheel 90 degrees either direction, aligning the center Pontiac logo cross ways.

  6. This is the only difficult step of the process. And it's not that hard, once you have done it, you will see how easy it really is. On the back side of the steering wheel rear cover, there are four slots, two now located up top and two below. Use your GTO to release the holding pins / springs that are holding the air bag to the steering wheel. Insert the key tip in to the slot and twist. The air bag has a rod that catches on a pin that looks like a wrist watch pin that holds the band on at the watch. Once you release the pin, that corner of the air bag will pop outward towards you, just slightly. Do both on the top side, then rotate the steering when 180 degrees now placing the two bottom up top and repeat the process. Once all four pins have been released, simply lift off the airbag. There will be a yellow wire to disconnect from the bag. Set the airbag off to the side.
  7. You will now see that each radio control section (left and right) are held on by two small screws per side. Remove the four screws.
  8. Disconnect the 8 pin brown plug and remove the 2005 controls. Note how the wires are routed.
  9. Place the steering wheel back in the "home position" and remove the key to lock the steering wheel.
  10. Using the 30mm socket remove the nut that holds the steering wheel on and remove the steering wheel. (this will give you access to the clock spring)
  11. The clock spring in held in by simple clips on both the left and right sides. Release and remove the clock spring.
  12. Install the 2006 clock spring by reversing the removal steps above. NOTE... the clock spring must be oriented in the "home position" If the clock spring is not properly oriented, you will break it when you turn the steering wheel all the way in either direction. To check the orientation of the clock spring, simply turn the center all the way to the left, then all the way to the right counting the number of turns, then go back to the left half the amount of turns. Meaning IF you count 8 turns going to the right, then turn it back to the left 4 turns or 1/2 the total amount of turns. This has placed the clock spring dead center.
  13. Install the 2006 controls in reverse order, connection the 8 pin brown plug and securing with the four small screws.
  14. Reinstall the airbag by reattaching the yellow wire and placing the airbag on the steering wheel and press to snap the holding pins back in.
  15. Reinstall the fuse.
  16. Reconnect the negative battery cable.


Not a great photo, but you can see the steering wheel / radio control s now have lights.


mods.... yep I've done them!
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The Anheuser-Busch Mod
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Here is the link to the discussion thread:


Please post any questions or comments in that thread.

Thank you,

"A fairy tale starts out once upon a time, a fishermen's tale starts out with: This is no bullsh*t." Capt Phil Harris

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