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"Biggest Goat Get 2 Gether Celebration Sale"

Here is what the sales is.

Any GM part that can fit in my car and delivered to goat fest will be sold at 15% over cost. that is a little over employee price.

Restriction- Must only be a part that can fit in my Goat. that means no hoods bumpers ect. if my car is full by the time i leave and you want a headlight and i cant fit it in my car, that part will not be delivered. i cannot ship these parts out through a carrier (it must be delivered to Goatfest by me). If you order your part from me the monday before Goatfest and it is five to seven days out, it will not apply to this sale. all parts must be prepaid in full before i can leave with the parts. if you have any more questions send me a PM, email me, or call me work-214-472-6803/ or cell-214-578-2271.

Most parts are in Lansing michigan(3-5 days out) so get your orders in early. sale ends Wednesday @ 4pm CST.

Stonebriar Chevrolet Parts Department.

on tap:
slp loudmouth II, pacesetter LT's w/ cattless mids, and K&N intake, P&P throttlybody by WRP,
SNL V4 cam. 363.9HP 364.0TQ. Worked by Phoenix. Monster stage 2. No track times yet
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