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  1. Banshee Gauge pod w/ Aeroforce Gauges Install
  2. Ignition Switch Repair
  3. Clutch Install, Tick Master Cylinder, Bleeder
  4. Posting How-To's
  5. Modding the 2004 LS1 IAT
  6. Throttle Body Port and Polish
  7. Modded Vararam
  8. Radiator replacement
  9. Converting to 06 steering wheel / radio controls
  10. LED's for the tail lights / backup and turn signals
  11. Rear Bumper Cover Swap '04 to '05-'06
  12. Brake Rotor and Pad Replacement
  13. Rear outer stub upgrade and bearing replacement
  14. Improved Racing Rear Sump Oil Cooler Adapter Install
  15. Cluster Programming - DIY messages, logos, shift light
  16. Fixing Sagging Rear Diffuser (aka Australian Butt Lift)
  17. How To - Install an Oil Sensor in the OFAC
  18. "Extreme" zip tie for broken bumper clips
  19. Another Clutch Install
  20. Need Qualified GTO Tech For Clutch Master Cyl Install
  21. Car hesitates(coughs) Air Con and Temp Gauge quit
  22. Newbie